Still on Laycon Appointment after BBNaija: An Open Letter to Prince Dapo Abiodun, Ogun State Governor


Ogun governor celebrates Laycon

Still on Laycon Appointment: An Open Letter to Prince Dapo Abiodun, Ogun State Governor


I greet and salute you with the best accolades anyone can ascribe to a Governor.

I am Mallam AbdulFatah Olalekan Egunleti, who is not only your follower but an indigene and inhabitant of Ogun State.

I belong to the progressive youth who aspire and support any progress driven programmes designed for our dear state with compassion that is devoid of political affiliation.

Despite your awareness of the favour of God on you Sir, permit me to reiterate it in my letter to you in order to eschew obliviousness.

Your Excellency Sir, hitherto, Ogun State is known to be a state of many accomplishments in the area of academic performance, intellectuality among others. It is a great favour of God to have made you the number one citizen in such a state of diverse ethnic groups with each group full of best products.

Ogun governor celebrates Laycon

The rationale behind my letter to you Sir is the recent outrageous acknowledgement and celebration of immorality that actually came from your end as the Governor of the state through the appointment of Laycon which has been disrupting the peaceful atmosphere of the state since the time of your decision.

Sir, in my bid to contribute to the conservation of the glory of our dear state and the conviction that your actions are seen to be the edifice of what we are, I condemn and say no to the recent appointment and other favours you showered on the winner of Big Brother Naija on the basis of the following;

1. News revealed to us that you hosted the winner of BBNaija and dashed him a 3 Bedroom Flat Bungalow, Five Million Naira and appointment as the Youth Ambassador in the state. All these are to be catered to using the resources of the state that is harboring thousands of intelligent youth who are unemployed and uncared for.

2. Big Brother Naija is known from the unset to be a cesspool of immorality and aberration of youth from the right track, in which majority of parents prevent their children/wards from watching.

3. Awarding the winner of the immoral act is an indirect persuasion for the youth to key into participating in the act.

4. Appointing Laycon as the Youth Ambassador in our dear state does mean that the youth of the state should take him as a role model and aspire to be like him instead of the downtrodden First Class Graduate brothers in our area.

5. Youth may be the major fans of BBNaija, however, Ogun State youth are wise and they know what is good for them. Thus, the youth are grossly against your decision on this BBNaija stuff.

6. Since your emergence as the Governor of our dear State, you have been invited to Convocations which produced First Class graduates, but we have not learnt that a laudable gift has been given out to anyone. Then why giving this BBNaija preferential treatment Your Excellency?

7. A student at my school, where I teach, alongside 3 other students represented Ogun State at the 22nd National JETS (Junior Engineers, Technician and Scientists) competition at Lagos in February,2020, organized by the Federal Ministry of Education, where Ogun State assumed the first position as usual. On the arrival of these students, everybody was thinking the Government will celebrate this landmark achievement beyond imagination (of course, we have already started celebrating at my workplace), rather, the students were brought back to Abeokuta and all the medals and trophies were retrieved from these students by Ogun State Ministry of Education and promised to get back to these students, till this moment Sir, no call has been made to -at least- appreciate the schools that gave the state students worthy of emulation or gift to encourage these students. You can ask your S. A on Education and P.S. Sir if you are in a state of oblivion regarding this.

8. Ogun State Youth who were really supportive in the cushion of Covid-19 pandemic were not acknowledged and celebrated.

9. Your late appointment of the Commissioner of Education is being put into juxtaposition with your quick desire to honour BBNaija winner and thus, making us have the conviction that you are not interested in education.

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Your Excellency Sir, on the stance of the foregoing, I hereby advise you -as a citizen who has the duty to ensure better future for my State- to please retrieve the appointment with immediate alacrity or take the other options.

Your Excellency Sir, even though you have the power to retrieve the appointment, I know you may find it difficult to do so. However, you can take the other options I will suggest here to you in order to stop fanning the ember of chaos and everlasting criticism for supporting mediocrity.

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Retrieve the appointment of Laycon or do the following Sir;

1. Appoint another Youth Ambassador that is doing well in the state and Islamically upright.

2. Appoint another one who is doing well in the state and upright as a Christian.

3. All First Class graduates who are indigenes of Ogun State should have automatic employment upon graduation or encourage them with life changing cash (like that of Laycon) and the best among the first beneficiaries should be appointed as Youth Ambassador.

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At this point Sir, I must unwrap a common mantra in the state that your cohorts will never tell you, because you are the reason why they are in government, they only want to pass accolades that will make you feel you are on top of the situation. Your Excellency Sir, 80% of people’s comments on your performance is not palatable to the extent of saying you weren’t ready for the post so you can’t deliver (opinions though).

Be it as it may Sir, “when you can’t change the direction of the wind – adjust your sails (H Jackson Brown, Jr)

Finally Sir, “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending” (C. S. Lewis).

Thank you Sir.

Yours Sincerely,
Mallam AbdulFatah Olalekan Egunleti

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