Oral sex

Expert speaks on dangers of oral s€x, throat cancer

A public health expert, Dr. Chinonso Egemba has warned couples on the dangers of engaging in oral s€x without using protection, noting that it increases the risk of contracting throat cancer.

Dr. Egemba who made this known in a video posted on his Instagram handle, @aproko_doctor, said, “I hope you know that there’s a particular virus known as the human papillomavirus, they are plenty and if you have already started having s€x, you likely would have contracted at least one strain of them.

“One thing they can cause is cancer so if you are using your tongue. It can cause cancer of the throat because if by mistake you contract the virus, that can cause cancer – those high-risk ones – it gets to your throat and starts spreading.

Oral sexOral sex

“So how do you protect yourself, because some of you have sworn that you are never going to stop having oral s€x, it’s simple, any time you want to perform oral s€x with a new partner or a partner that you have not confirmed their health status, please do it with a condom on.”

According to the Australian Cancer Organisation, throat cancer generally refers to cancers that start in the pharynx or larynx (voice box), but can also refer to cancers that start in the oesophagus (food pipe) or thyroid.

The ACO also explained that some cancers which begin in the throat area, as well as the tongue, salivary glands, sinuses, nose, or ear, are classified as head and neck cancers.

While there are no known causes of cancer, the cancer organisation noted that the human papillomavirus is among the risk factors for developing throat cancer.

According to the site, some of the signs of cancer of the throat are throat pain, shortness of breath, persistent sore throat or cough, coughing up blood, changes to the voice such as hoarseness, difficulties swallowing, feeling there is something stuck in the throat, lumps in the neck or throat, sudden unexplained weight loss.