Breast cancer

Expert discloses how women can survive breast cancer

A Consultant Neurosurgeon, Dr Biodun Ogungbo, says early detection of breast cancer is treatable.

Ogungbo made the statement in a chat with the Newsmen in Abuja on Thursday.

According to him, women breasts are increasingly becoming endangered with cancer which destroys it and sometimes kills the women.

“Surgeons at times remove the breast to save the woman’s life.

”Breast cancer is a condition that can be treated if discovered early and treated with the seriousness it deserves.

“Find it early and treat it expeditiously and save lives,”Ogungbo said.

He said some women ignored the early signs of breast problems like changes in colour, feel, size, and appearance.

Ogungbo added that some women did not take early decisions about pains, lumps in the breast, as well as discharge from the nipple.

“Some women take breast problems to churches, mosques, herbal homes and the traditional medicine man.

“They allow people who have no business with the breast to treat them,” he said.

The consultant said that some women refused breast surgery for some unbelievable reasons, including fear of divorce from their partners.

Breast cancer Breast cancer

He, therefore,  called for increased the advocacy on breast cancer awareness and treatment.

He advised women to examine their breasts regularly, and if they noticed anything strange, unusual or different, should consult a qualified doctor immediately.

According to Ogungbo, not every doctor is qualified to make decisions about breast diseases, women should therefore ask questions and seek the right help.

“Women should stop seeking help from traditional healers about their breast issues.

“Herbs, rubs, lotions,potions, and holy water cannot treat breast cancer.

“The truth is that cancer kills. Breast cancer treatment is expensive. Therefore, prevention and early referral to specialist centres is critical,” Ogungbo said.

He said that treating the small lump, or early surgery to remove the whole breast might be lifesaving and cost effective.

Ogungbo said doctors now attach artificial breasts that looks and feel good, when the breast is removed; which helps the woman maintain her appearance, self-worth, and dignity.