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VIDEO: Married Policewoman Assaulted for Refusing to Date Colleague

Olorunsogo Bamidele, a policewoman at the Ode Omu Police Division, Osun State, has recounted how she was stripped and beaten by a colleague identified as Ajayi Matthew for refusing to be his girlfriend.

In the video uploaded on Facebook on Tuesday, Bamidele says two constables and ten civilians were present when she was assaulted and threatened to be gunned down by Matthew.


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“What is my offence to the extent that I was naked [sic] and beaten? Look at my chest, my hand, everywhere injured, because he asked me out and I said ‘No, I am a married woman. I cannot befriend you,’” says Bamidele.

See video:

Olorunsogo Bamidele

“He started blackmailing me emotionally that he was the one befriending me, which was not so.”

Bamidele, who was advised by the civilians on the ground to leave the scene where she was being brutalised, said she would not leave even if Matthew intended to kill her.