Celebrating Kosemani of Oko Faji, Lagos Chief Lawal Babatunde Adams @ 60

Focus on legend: Kosemani of Oko Faji, Lagos Chief Lawal Babatunde Adams @ 60

By: Fashina Shakiru

In one of the quotes of Williams Shakespeare, “ingratitude is worse than a traitor’s arm”. It is pertinent to use this occasion to call on the attention of the state government to look into this great-man who brought Oko Faji community to the centre stage of Encyclopedia and Amazon, Dr. Lawal Babatunde Adams. The Kosemani of Oko Faji, Lagos. He is worth to be commended for his relentless efforts, both home and diaspora.

An enigma with an immense outstanding personality. A very admirable, gentle fine man with a distinguished character. He had a most precocious growth and excelled in academics, connoisseur scholar, a prolific writer, historian, sociologist, politician and socialite, earned his innumerable streaks in the world.

As a pacesetter, he was able to set in motion and reposition the image of Oko Faji, support the ,indigenous Lagosians, served tirelessly, contribute to the social development of Oko Faji and Lagos state in general. He used his works to put some of our local indigenous communities on the world map.

He went out of his way to set up “Season Smiling” for the community to support less privileges and old aged vulnerable Lagosians with over 1000 beneficiaries. A man who always has the answers to your problems. Whilst you see the concern, he sees the prospect and the possibility. He will go out of his way to give you the best support possible.

He is a perfect description of a joy giver, never one to be found in the court of bitterness and feebly compassionate, turn anger to laughter in seconds.

Celebrating Kosemani of Oko Faji, Lagos Chief Lawal Babatunde Adams @ 60

The enormous contributions of chief Adams to the cultural and historical heritage of his people earned him the title Koshemani Golden Son of Oko Faji Community, Lagos and his works on the promotion and propagation of Islam in Lagos state earned him a recent title ‘Irawo Adinni Lagos Quranic Central Mosque’. A proud son of Isale Igangan and despite his exposures to the International world, he is always proud of his country (Nigeria).

He was clearly a shining light in those days at Ansar -Ud- Deen Grammar School, Lagos. He went to the prestigious Lagos State University (LASU) to study Sociology and equally went to the University of Lagos (Unilag) for his M.Sc. Criminology.

Shortly, Lectured at the Lagos State University, Department of Sociology before being a consultant to Toronto University, Canada on community health development. To his credit, he has written and published many community books about Lagos state and its environment.

In Yoruba progeria, a king does not need to announce his arrival, aura will announce. The presence of this man of honour in any environment will illuminate it. Today, Friday 19th, May 2023, the aura sparks a brighter light as the Chief marks the Diamond Jubilee of achiever with more blessings and good health. Chief Adams’s legacy shall speak for humanity and generations to come in the history of Lagos Islanders.

On this occasion sir, today, I celebrate you as sons and daughters of Okoo Faji community rejoice with you on your special day, wishing a most fulfilling happy 60th birthday!