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How We Handle Infertility, Healthcare Differently in Nigeria – UandNature

UandNature, a therapy and skincare firm has explained how it offers fresh infertility and other healthcare solutions in Nigeria.

The company revealed its shared commitment during a talk show on its 3rd year anniversary which was held on the 12th of November in Abuja.

While making remarks in a discussion on infertility, the firm’s representatives offered vital insights, it said in a statement signed by Grace Daniels, its Communications Manager.

It also outlined plans for maximizing potentials of its locally produced products designed to address issues with infertility and other clinically identified health-related problems in Nigeria.

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“During the talk show, Blessing Oladapo-Amao, Chief Executive Officer of UandNature Therapy and Skincare Limited, stated that Nigeria is severely neglected in the area of health care, despite its key location in Africa, especially in rural areas, the availability of proper health facilities—including medical centers, staff, and equipment has posed as a problem.

“The Nigerian government has proposed a number of reforms, but they have not yet been put into place at the state and local government level, despite the vast range of problems with the health care system, and UandNature Therapy and Skincare seeks to provide solutions to these health issues at the local and state level,” the statement added.

How We Handle Infertility, Healthcare Differently in Nigeria - UandNature

She added: “With the available resources and products at UandNature Therapy and Skincare, tackling the issues of infertility for both men and women is achievable with holistic and natural methods that do not later pose a problem in one’s health. 

“We are excited to announce that there is a way out of infertility now without undergoing surgical procedures that might later be futile or pose a problem to your health.

“We are committed to ensuring that people are healthy in all ramifications. We need to properly educate people on the reproductive organ in the body to ensure that they are more enlightened and can detect warning signs as the first instance of it,” it noted.