WARNING! Gynaecologist Reveals
Danger of Having S*X for Long, says It Should Be 7 Minutes

A Medical practitioner at the Ga East Hospital, Dr. Benedict Afari, has warned men who have s8x beyond 7 minutes to desist from it.

THECONSCIENCEng reports that according to the gynecologist, people who engage in s8x for 30 minutes to an hour do not benefit from it and instead endanger their lives.

In an interview, he stated that it would be prudent to engage in more foreplay rather than having s8x for more than seven minutes.

“There is no benefit to engaging in s8x for long periods of time.

According to studies, s8x is best enjoyed between five and seven minutes.

The piercing aspect of s8x should last 7 minutes. However, the foreplay can last. Such acts would have serious consequences for those who have the s8x,” he emphasised.

He stated that there are several benefits derived from s8x, including enhancing the bond between partners and promoting the psychological and physical well-being of those who engage in it.

The Medical practitioner said it is also a form of exercise that could help people burn calories.