AMAZING! How American Rapper Impregnates Two Lesbian Couple

AMAZING! How American Rapper Impregnates Two Lesbian Couple

American rapper Fredrick Dewon Thomas Givens II, better known as Fredo Bang has welcomed two new babies after getting two lesbian couple pregnant via a string of threesomes.

The married lesbian couple named Sevyn and Annie Buffins each gave birth to a child belonging to the rapper after he took part in a number of threesomes with them.

When news broke that Fredo would be adding two BM’s to his extended family, fans began to salute him on social media.

The Baton Rouge rapper unveiled adorable photos of his two children on Instagram this week.

As many fans congratulated him on fatherhood, many were undoubtedly curious about the child’s mother.

Netizens quickly began digging and discovered that a lesbian couple with a massive online following have been sharing photos of the same children on their IG profile.

Needless to say, people had questions about the “Don’t Miss” rapper’s children, as well as the mother. The couple, Annie and Sevyn Buffins apparently stated that the children were conceived through IVF.

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AMAZING! How American Rapper Impregnates Two Lesbian Couple

However, some wondered if Fredo was the father of both children or just the newborn. Annie later shared a comment revealing that she and Sevyn used IUI for their child, Parker.

“So lemme get this straight… you think Fredo & Sevyn made Parker? We did do IUI,” she wrote.

“We never lied. We just never said how Payton came about. Kept that to myself until I was ready. Now I’m wrong for doing what was best for me lmao gah damn,” she added.