(PHOTOS) Honour, Glamour As Aare Olalekan Alabi Yussuf Shines at OSRA Awards 2022

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(PHOTOS) Honour, Glamour As Aare Olalekan Alabi Yussuf Shines at OSRA Awards 2022

…Says Event Seeks to Honour Omoluabis for Supporting Society, Advancing Yoruba Kingdom

It was a night to remember, filled with glitz, glamour, royalty, culture, class and panache as many eminent sons and daughters of Yoruba land converged at the Ojaja Arena in the ancient town of Ile-Ife, Osun State, South Western Nigeria, like a galaxy of stars in the firmament.

From the United States of America, London, Qatar, Germany and Italy to mention a few, they flew in in their scores for the much awaited night of reward for impacting society.

The occasion was the annual Oodua Special Recognition Awards tagged OSRA under the royal auspices of His Imperial Majesty, Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja 11.


Though relatively nascent, the event in its third edition already, far ahead of its peers, commands rapt attention and deep admiration of the creme de la creme in the society who don’t just attend but participate fully in the full blaze of glory – with luxurious Yoruba signature clothes, traditional regalia and gorgeous accessories, beads, drums, full cultural robes, food, electrifying dance and music, all crowned with the majestic presence of the Oonirisa himself seated in person, enjoying the night with dignitaries.

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(PHOTOS) Honour, Glamour As Aare Olalekan Alabi Yussuf Shines at OSRA Awards 2022

(PHOTOS) Honour, Glamour As Aare Olalekan Alabi Yussuf Shines at OSRA Awards 2022

(PHOTOS) Honour, Glamour As Aare Olalekan Alabi Yussuf Shines at OSRA Awards 2022

The event has indeed become synonymous with rewarding outstanding sons and daughters of Oduduwa in a colourful fashion.

Making his address at the event on Saturday, 15th October, Chairman of the occasion who also was an outstanding awardee at the event, Aare Olalekan Alabi Yussuf, an illustrious Yoruba socialite and philanthropist was full of life and enthusiasm.

Aare, who is the Akeweje of Share Land and Aare Akeweje of Adanla Land, said the Oodua Special Recognition Award was a yearly occasion put together to honour “OMOLUABIs” that have distinguished themselves with meritorious service worthy of recognition.”

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He added that the event seeks to celebrate the essence and value of awardees contribution to the development and advancement of the Yoruba race via deliberate actions to better the society.

Aare said, “I must not fail to hail the brains behind this novel initiative, I therefore applaud the President of the OSRA, Gbenga Emmanuel, for his vision and steadfastness in the promotion and sustenance of the culture.

“I would like to specially recognize our father His Imperial Majesty Arole Oodua Olofin Adimula Oba Babatunde Enitan Ogunwusi OJAJA II for his sterling and inclusive leadership that has redefined rulership. Kabiyesi, may your reign be long and impactful.

The Chairman also applauded royal fathers at the event for their support for culture of diligence and impact.

He said the event was , “A night of glamour and splendour all for the celebration of Oodua Sons and Daughters that have carved a niche for themselves in their various fields of human endeavor across the globe whose rigorous selected reached based on their enviable track record, public recommendations and we’ll vetted through and thorough background check were finally found to be worth in character to be so awarded today, am so proud of all our Awardee both home and diaspora.

“It is worthy to note, that despite all the negativity we see and hear daily we are assured that better days are ahead of us as a people see OMO Yoruba excelling in all facets of life around the world.”

“The OSRA has brought to light that our value and reward system who go along way to encourage more of our sons and daughters to do more. I specially appreciate OSRA for this event for celebrating selfless efforts of our Ambassadors while also showcasing them to the world.

“Our Awardees have been carefully selected across across all walks of life with a view to capture all well deserving persons in areas ranging from politics, banking, social, sports, education, entertainment, entrepreneurship, engineering, marine, public service, youth, human and structural development, community development, ” he concluded.

Many notable individuals and cultural icons were awarded at the event for their various contributions to the development of the society across various spheres and fields.

Popular musicians also treated guests to great music to complement the occasion.