Why Gov Sanwo-Olu must stop Sola-Giwa's mission to impose PDP Stalwart, Adeyinka Aroyewun on Lagos transport stakeholders

Why Gov Sanwo-Olu must stop Sola Giwa’s mission to impose PDP Stalwart, TAOFEEQ Adeyinka Aroyewun on Lagos transport stakeholders

By: Fashina Shakiru.

The Special Adviser to the Lagos State on Transportation has been playing politics with Leadership of COMTUA and other transport unions. Hence, Hon Sola Giwa needs to be cautioned for his unscrupulous action for imposing a PDP Starwart, Mr Taofeek Adeyinka Aroyewun, President, Council for Maritime Truck Unions Association, (COMTUA) to head all Maritime Stakeholder Associations in Lagos.

Speaking with one of the members of the Union, he said, ‘although, I understand the fact that, this will be help to have a unified body than proliferation of different unions, yet it contradicted the statement issued by Lagos State Ministry of Transportation. In consonance to this, here is the statement released by the Ministry of Transportation, Lagos state ” according to Lagos State white paper on Transport unions Activities 2004, “to ensure peace and tranquility is maintained by different associations in the Maritime sector and to address various challenges confronting this sector in the state, I am directed that a single body is formed in order to manage, monitor and supervise the operation of members in this transportation sector.”

With this, what does the future hold for the all Maritime stakeholder association? Because If as claimed by the ministry that their intentions is for sanity and to streamline all stakeholders in the Maritime sector, and COMTUA recognised as unified body of all the associations. It will be fine to note that, COMTUA is a centrifugal force of insanity and disordeliness in the maritime industry seeking to impose themselves and be extorting maritime truckers with many allegations of corruption, embezzlement and misappropriation of funds.

Why Gov Sanwo-Olu must stop Sola-Giwa's mission to impose PDP Stalwart, Adeyinka Aroyewun on Lagos transport stakeholders

The questions lingering on the mind of people begging for answers are; why would the SA transport to the Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu recently recognised them as umbrella body of transporters against the general interest of maritime truckers in the maritime industry? What is behind Sola-Giwa imposition of Yinka as the leader of COMTUA,who is a prominent PDP member in Ikorodu and Apapa. How can sola-Gwa be romancing Yinka of dubious character seeking to unseat Governor Sanwo-Olu that employed him?

Sola-Giwa like Yinka are leopards that can never change their spots or mean-spirited of dubious characters

For Sola-Giwa is a Lagos-based politician and one term law maker who represents Lagos Island constituency II at the Lagos State House of Assembly before he was appointed S.A on Central Business District in Lagos state. on his rerun to the Lagos State House of Assembly before he was urged to step down and given appointment as S.A Transportation to the Governor Babajide Dear Mr Governor, with all these , no reforms introduced to the transportation rather than plotting and mis-matching heads to create problems in the Maritime industry.

Part of his irresponsible action recently was recognising an association and their leader that are enemies of the state, with no contribution to the state or the ruling party in the state or federal.

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May I say without any prejudice, that this is a clear case of anti party by S A on Transport and he should come out to clear the air, why he has been romancing and deliberately using PDP agent to supervise Maritime stakeholder Associations when members of APC are working and campaigning for the party.

I am sure Sola-Giwa is embarking on a mission of no return , because of his love for money which he is getting from the Maritime sector which is one of the booming industries of exploration and exhortation of people.

His partner , Yinka is a PDP candidate vying for the House of Representatives for Ikorodu Federal Constituency who has been campaign for both Ikorodu and Apapa axis, using his position to extort and harassing the members of the union.

On this note, there is an urgent attention to caution Sola-Giwa unscrupulous manner.