Ramadan: Sheik Rahmaan Mogaji Lists 10 Things All Muslims Must Do

Ramadan is an important period for all Muslims to seek the face of Allah (God) all over the world. It’s by far, the most revered month for Muslims during the year.

Sheik Abdur Rahmaan Ayinde Mogaji is the Chief Imam of the over 150 years old historical Epetedo Central Mosque on the Lagos Island.

He also hails from the historical and prominent Balogun Momoh Mogaji Oloko Court in Epetedo, Lagos Island.

Sheik Mogaji lists 10 key things every Muslim must note during the Ramadan fasting and prayer period: 

Ten important recommendations in the Holy month

1. Observing the fast with the best of intentions.

2. Constant seeking of Allah’s forgiveness.

3. Abstinence from vices and evil during the days and nights of Ramadan.

4. Recitation of Holy Qur’an

5. Attending Tafsir Qur’an gatherings and listening to the words of Allah.


6. Charity

7. Observance of five daily prayers.

8. Sharing love and care for the less privileged.

9. Moving closer to Allah through voluntary and highly rewarding acts.

10. Seeking Allah’s acceptance over the fast and other acts of worships.