Peter Obi, A Religious Bigot, Tribalist - Nnamani

Peter Obi, A Religious Bigot, Tribalist – Nnamani

By our reporter 

Senator Chimaroke Nnamani, a former governor of Enugu has described the defeated Presidential candidate of the Labour party in the 2023 election as tribalistic and a religious bigot who weaponised religion and ethnicity to destroy the nation.

In a statement, the Chairman, Senate Committee on Cooperation and Integration in Africa/ NEPAD, accused Obi of weaponsing religion and ethnicity.

Nnamani also criticised Obi for rekindling racial and religious tensions in Nigeria.

The Senator gave the public rebuke following the release of an audio clip by online newspaper, Peoples Gazzete, which has set social media on fire since Saturday.

In the audio, Obi was heard begging Oyedepo to help him mobilise Christian voters ahead of the election, especially those in the North Central states of Kwara, Kogi and Niger, declaring the election was a religious war.

The former governor of Anambra State was repeatedly heard saying, ‘Yes Daddy”, while the conversation lasted.

“Daddy, I need you to speak to your people in the South-West and Kwara, the Christians in the South-West and Kwara. This is a religious war. Like I keep saying: if this works, you people will never regret the support,” he said in the audio.

Nnamani said reviewing the activities of the elections, he came to a conclusion that “Peter Obi deflowered the virgin innocence of political patriotism and nationalism in Nigeria”.

“What was in whispers and hush tones, Peter proclaimed loud in decibels in Cathedrals and Holy Sepulchres.

Peter Obi, A Religious Bigot, Tribalist - Nnamani

“The Roman Catholic dominant politics Peter mastered and foisted on Anambra people when he was a Governor was a prelude to his nation wide campaigns.

The Roman Catholic’s Family Trinity of Mary, Joseph and Jesus, was what Peter spread ecumenically across the Faith landscape as the Labour Party’s symbol of Father, Mother and Child.”

“For his ethnic war, he spread across Igbo domiciled areas across Nigeria, specifically markets and shopping malls. He picked out Christian minority areas for his campaigns in Northern and Central Nigeria.

His dual opium of tribalism and religious bigotry have made national landing to depart no more. He fed our people with the sacred apple and Nigeria may never be the same again.”

Obi has been silent since the audio went viral, but his supporters have been trying to defend him.