Top 5 destinations for Nigerians looking for greener pastures

As Nigerians continue to witness how the security, education sector, and national economy fail, citizens’ are becoming disturbed, and are compelled to make drastic moves such as relocating to other countries.

Many have argued that Nigeria, at this point, is at its worst times, and the people are packing their bags and moving out every day. At least a week over a thousand of Nigerians relocates to different parts of the world to seek a better and easier life.

There is a lot to consider before actually moving to a new country, you don’t want to relocate to then realize that it was a bad idea moving to that country.

The things to consider are just the basic things like language, culture, how the system of government works, and the rate of xenophobia or racism in the country.

There are the top five countries Nigerians to be considered:


The country that’s also a continent, far away from the rest of the world is occupied by 26 million people, gives a lot of opportunities for migrants to get a job, and offers affordable tertiary education to universities of choice with its stable economy and large public services sectors.

At least 78% of Australians speak English as their main language which makes it easier for Nigerians to communicate with other people in the country.

Australia is a very secure country to live in with a crime rate of 0.87% as of 2020.

The United Kingdom

The UK is a sovereign state formed by the four comprising countries England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland with a population of about 67 million people.

It has a very stable economy especially now that Brexit is complete and the state has Pound sterling, the 4th most traded currency available to its citizens instead of the common European currency of the euro.

The country has granted 58,897 Nigerian student visas in the last two years with its great education structure for students of different cultures.

The UK is a friendly and safe place to live with the crime rate dropping drastically by 13% from its previous years. The country’s ban on citizens with weaponry is strictly heeded by its occupiers.


Germany, is a country known for its beer festival, Oktoberfest which holds every year, and is also known for its famous automobile companies like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen, and for its major involvements in WW2 boasts a population of about 83 million people on a land size of 357,022 km².

A common language spoken in Germany is obviously german while English is still spoken to foreigners.

Deutschland has the fourth-largest economy because of the lots of industries that are working there but its economy slowly going down the toilet, the country is currently fighting against a recession.

The country has free tuition for its public schools but some of its programs will be paid for. Germany has multiple schools to choose from with its exceptional tertiary institutions.


Canada is currently the ‘bestest’ place where Nigerians “Japa”, because of its friendliness to migrants. The country is currently open to all people of the world because it is under-populated and is trying to build its population which is currently at 38 million, pretty low for a country with a land size of an amazing 9.985 million km².

French and English are the most common languages spoken in the country.

The country has a very stable economy and is the 8th-largest GDP by nominal and 15th-largest GDP by Public-Private Partnerships in the world.

The state has free education in some institutions with fantastic infrastructure for its citizens and migrants.

Canada is ranked the 12th safest area to live in. The country has a very low crime rate.


Norway is a small country with a small population of 5 million people and of 385,207 km² in land size.

Norway is known for its beautiful natural landscapes, one of the most beautiful areas is the Lofoten Islands in the north of the country.

Its official languages are Norwegian and Sami. The Norwegian language is spoken more than the Sami language.

The country in Northern Europe offers free education to its tertiary schools.

Norway is a very peaceful country, with a population that Norway has crime in the country almost none.