iStore, Apple Authorised Reseller, today officially unveiled the latest iPhone models – iPhone XS and XS Max.

The new iPhone XS and XS Max are officially available for sale from 2nd November 2018 in Nigeria, and features the now-standard array of internal improvements, including a better camera, faster processor, and more internal storage, with an upper limit of 512GB. The XS Max has a 6.5-inch screen, significantly larger than that of the older iPhone 8 plus, but with the edge-to-edge design of the iPhone X line, the phone’s body isn’t that much larger.

Matthew Grose, CEO, Core Group Africa, handlers of iStore explained that, “When customers get their new iPhone at iStore they get access to iStore’s full range of exclusive benefits and services, such as Free Tech Support, Free Training and access to Financing your device over 8 months. That’s what makes iStore the preferred destination for Apple customers which includes top corporates, education institutions and general public.”

The iPhone XS was claimed to have 30 minutes longer battery life than the X, while the XS Max will have 90 minutes more, giving the two devices 12 and 13 hours life during internet browsing.

iStore is the biggest Apple Authorized Reseller in Nigeria – its premium stores at Ikeja City Mall, iStore Mega Plaza, and Office Everything at Novare Mall, Lekki.


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