P&O Logistics, IOMS Launch FlexDELIVERY Cargo Innovation in Nigeria

P&O Logistics, IOMS Launch FlexDELIVERY Cargo Innovation in Nigeria

P&O Maritime Logistics and Nigerian firm IO Materials Services (IOMS) have jointly announced the launch of the new FlexDELIVERY model to provide integrated last-mile cargo delivery services to the offshore energy industry in Nigeria.

The service is a cornerstone to drive out structural oversupply in the Energy industry as it shifts the focus to the cargo instead of the assets that deliver it, THECONSCIENCEng reports. 

FlexDELIVERY disrupts the traditional model of high shore base startup costs, rentals and vessel time-chartered contracts by focusing on the service that is required by the energy industry – cargo delivery. FlexDELIVERY has marked new grounds with a freight rate model targeted at the Offshore Energy Industry which traditionally worked on an asset and facility model.

This service proves to reduce delivery times, enhance visibility and predictability which will re-invent procurement strategies, inventory management tactics and the energy supply chain as a whole.

This industry first model, be it exploration, drilling, production or maintenance will drive down operating costs and capital expenditures for the energy producers by driving out structural oversupply in the energy industry which will be a welcoming shift.

By injecting a tech-led solution, FlexDELIVERY enhances visibility throughout the last mile delivery which has been a bottleneck for some time. Harnessing BigData and AI technology, it provides predictability with a real time view on cargo movement and delivery dates all controlled through an online booking platform.

The platform reinforces the integrity of the energy supply chain, providing energy producers with peace of mind to focus on their core business being extraction of energy.

The new offering, which began service on the 4th of September 2021, is an expansion of P&O Maritime Logistics’ disruptive innovation ‘Supply on Demand’ to integrate shore base and quayside operations to deliver a comprehensive logistics solution, strategically named FlexDELIVERY for the Nigerian market.

Nigeria being a microcosm of the energy sector, P&O Maritime Logistics and IO Materials Services saw a huge potential in the country to offer a disruptive and tech-driven offshore supply solution like FlexDELIVERY due to the current expensive energy logistics supply chain.

P&O Logistics, IOMS Launch FlexDELIVERY Cargo Innovation in Nigeria

Currently, most platforms offshore Nigeria rely on antiquated manual paper-based operations, that duplicate manpower, facilities and equipment, and cost approximately 2-4 times more than the global average for running an offshore supply operation.

On average, FlexDELIVERY reduces costs by 20-30% per good transported, has 20-30% lower fuel consumption and 40 -50% less distance travelled compared to traditional time-charter supply contracts.

Martin Helweg, CEO at P&O Maritime Logistics said: “Following the success of our Supply on Demand service, we saw a gap in the Nigerian market, spotting that the country’s offshore supply market was ripe for the revolutionary FlexDELIVERY system that brings efficiency and value to our customers.”

“With the continued expansion of our innovative service in partnership with IOMS, we’re bringing a step change to the offshore supply industry and aligning our service to be in sync with our customers’ needs: reduced delivery times, visibility and predictability.”

Through its state-of-the-art system, powered by P&O Maritime Logistics innovative technology, FlexDELIVERY gives customers clear visibility of cargo movement and sailing schedules in a boon to forward planning.

Christian Arndt, VP Logistics at P&O Maritime Logistics said: “By launching in Nigeria, P&O Maritime Logistics is showing the industry that smart solutions can generate efficiency gain and lower production costs.

Customers will see reduced equipment, inventory carrying, and supply chain costs, while boosting productivity. With FlexDELIVERY offshore operators will gain back time to focus on core business activities. We are looking forward to presenting our FlexDELIVERY innovation to existing and future clients.”

P&O Logistics, IOMS Launch FlexDELIVERY Cargo Innovation in Nigeria

Shore bases will be operated by IOMS from its locations, providing wide coverage for oilfields across the Nigerian offshore energy industry.

Matteo Volpi, CEO at IOMS said: “We are thrilled to be P&O Maritime Logistics’ partner in launching FlexDELIVERY into the Nigerian market. FlexDELIVERY will further reduce supply chain in combination with IOMS’ Digital FlexBASE offering.

With our deep local industry knowledge, and our network of locations and logistics partners across Nigeria, IOMS is working to further reduce supply chain costs for industrial clients, powered by P&O Maritime and our innovative supply chain solutions.”