Fearless Energy Drink Waxes Stronger With 2023 BrandCom Award

Fearless Energy Drink Waxes Stronger With 2023 BrandCom Award


Fearless Energy Drink, stole the moment at the BrandCom Awards 2023 event, where it was honoured as the “Most Outstanding Energy Drink in Consumer Engagement.”

The event hosted by Brand Communicator, a brands and marketing publication, took place at the Civic Centre in Victoria Island, Lagos, on the 4th of November 2023.

The accolade follows closely on the heels of Fearless Energy Drink’s recent triumph at the African Brands Congress, where it was honoured with the title of “Africa’s Most Preferred Non-alcoholic Energy Drink.” This continued success highlights the brand’s dedication to delivering excellence and ensuring consumer satisfaction.

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Fearless Energy Drink’s success in the “Most Outstanding Energy Drink in Consumer Engagement” category underscores its exceptional performance during the review period from 2022 to 2023. The brand has consistently demonstrated its unwavering commitment to actively and effectively engaging with consumers, fostering deep and enduring connections that go beyond the product itself.

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This award is the highest recognition given to the energy drink brand that has excelled in actively and effectively engaging with consumers. The awards evaluate various aspects, including marketing campaigns, presence on social media, customer feedback and satisfaction, sustainability initiatives, community involvement, and innovative strategies that enhance the brand’s connection with consumers.
Fearless Energy Drink Waxes Stronger With 2023 BrandCom Award

Kanyinsola Sangowawa, the drink’s brand manager, emphasises the brand’s commitment to prioritising consumers. “We actively listen to their feedback, offer personalised experiences, provide exceptional customer service, maintain transparency, and celebrate significant customer milestones, all of which form the foundation of our customer-centric approach. Consistency is pivotal in cultivating robust customer relationships and fostering brand loyalty.”

Fearless Energy Drink continues to strive for excellence in delivering an exceptional experience to its consumers, and this award serves as a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to consumer engagement and satisfaction.