Drug peddlers

Drug peddlers open up: police, customs officers, others patronise us too

As the fight by drug law enforcement  agencies to check trafficking and abuse of banned substances continue to spread significantly, some drug peddlers in and around Lagos ports have said that police officers, clearing agents and officials of security agencies are among those who buy illicit drugs like Tramadol, Colorado and Loud from them regularly.

THECONSCIENCEng gathered from investigations that the Lagos ports of Apapa and Tin Can Island have also become a haven for cartels and peddlers of illicit drugs in Apapa, Lagos.

It was gathered that clearing agents, Customs personnel, Police officers and other port users are the most regular patrons of drug peddlers’ dens around the ports’ environment.

Drug peddlers

Even with the recent clearance of shacks and shanties around the port areas, there are still drug peddlers transacting their businesses around the shanties at the port gate and its environs.

It was also gathered that Tin-Can second gate has become a haven for drug peddlers and users of hard drugs.

Our correspondent observed that many of the drug peddlers disguise themselves as vendors of conventional across-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs such as pain killers or analgesic drugs as well as sex enhancement drugs.

Disguising as a customer, our correspondent, who approached the drug peddlers at different times under the Tin Can second gate bridge, observed that the illicit drugs were hidden in moveable carts used in displaying unregulated pharmaceutical drugs by the roadsides.

Our correspondent also gathered that a sachet of 250kg of Tramadol costs N400 and about N1500 for the syrup. It was also discovered that 500mg Tramadol tablets are about N3,000 per card.

Another peddler at Tin Can Second gate disclosed that a popular hard drug known as “Loud” is sold for as high as between N2,500and N3000 in small nylons, depending on the customer’s order.

Drug peddlers

“Colorado is sold as high as between N3,000 and N5,000 due to its scarcity and high effect on its users.

Displaying versatility in the business, in a chat with our correspondent, a drug peddler stated that Tramadol is usually shipped from India while Colorado comes from Canada.

However, the drug peddlers specifically alleged that their customers include clearing agents, some Customs, Police, military personnel, LASTMA officers and other port users.

They said the security officers do send their boys without uniforms to purchase some of these hard drugs from them.

He also informed that they also do delivery of the hard drugs based on orders at agreed designated places.

Another peddler who identified himself as Wasiu said: “Our major customers are the clearing agents who come around in the evenings to chill and enjoy themselves after the day’s work.”