Tinubu's Era Will Create A Turnaround for Nigeria. Here are six (6) areas

Asiwaju Tinubu : The Man With A Blueprint for Magnitude


Far above its shadows and constraints, Nigeria’s new dawn has indeed erupted like the sighted twilight whose blazing light goes beyond mere rays, to the myriad of nurtured minds from erstwhile till date could attest to the glowing dawn.

Nigeria, with its multifarious ethnic, religious, political ideologies, diverse communal interests, and individual differences, has already soaked many chartered minds from the phobia created by the villainous politicians.

However, history will never be completed without appropriate inference of accolades to the man who has been the source and pillar of Nigeria’s democracy.

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is a philosopher and warlord who can be described as “a man without compromise. Above all he knows no compromise with himself. He has one single thought that guides him: to resurrect Nigeria. This idea suppresses everything else. He knows no private life. He knows family life no more than he knows vice. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu embodies National will.

“The knighthood of a holy goal which can be climaxed by no man: Nigeria… Asiwaju Story surprise with his geniality, in private matters of exemplary behaviour and human greatness Asiwaju is met with cheers by street workers.”

Tinubu's Era Will Create A Turnaround for Nigeria. Here are six (6) areas

Tinubu’s blueprint for the former federal capital territory (Lagos) for twenty years plus was and is still much more germane, when he would lead his campaign train to all the nooks and crannies of Lagos with multitudes of ,Lagos residents, has also prevailed in the just concluded general druthers.

Just like the 1999 elections, Asiwaju reeled out his blueprint, the knot he wants to untie and his great vision for Nigeria and Nigerians.

Asiwaju said, “I have come to change the narrative. We will develop education, health, security, and empower youths and women to make Nigeria great and work for all.” collaborating together in unity as “one Nigeria” amidst the traders, community honchos, civil servants, religious monks, capricious tribes and construct harmony across the federal states, LGAs, Wards of the federation.

History will not be true if Asiwaju’s government inclusiveness to common man on the street is not been known, as greatly as his tenure was judged as former Governor of Lagos, what has been even more impressive was what followed.

Many former cabinet members, colleagues, students, energetic people, traders/entrepreneurs and the less privileged who were impacted positively by his government have been giving testimonies. They went on to serve in government, float businesses, founded non-profits, joined the private sector, even found ways to serve their communities.

Asiwaju Tinubu's Era Will Create A Turnaround for Nigeria. Here are six (6) areas

Many are still drawing inspiration from their experiences as a testament to what they can accomplish and even more after the election of credible, competent and visionary leader like Asiwaju Bola Tinubu