LAWMA Vows to End Illegal Refuse Dumping, Dislodges Scavengers from Illegal Dumps

LAWMA Vows to End Illegal Refuse Dumping, Dislodges Scavengers from Illegal Dumps

By Our Reporters

The Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has stepped up renewed efforts to rid the state of illegal and indiscriminate refuse dumping.

LAWMA’s enforcement unit has launched a robust operation to dislodge scavengers and miscreants from illegal dump sites across neighbourhoods in the city, for a cleaner and healthier environment.

In the past few days, the LAWMA enforcement team has been routinely
patrolling neighborhoods across the state, notorious for illegal refuse dumping and the presence of scavengers, rummaging through waste piles, contributing to littering and unsightly landscapes and public spaces.

Commenting, the Managing Director/CEO of LAWMA, Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni,
expressed concern over residents’ increasing disregard for proper waste
management practices, stressing the importance of prompt payment for
waste services, and the negative consequences of indiscriminate

He said, “The activities of scavengers and miscreants not only deface our cities but also pose serious health hazards to residents. It is disheartening to see some individuals engaging in indiscriminate disposal because they do not want to pay for waste services.

This behaviour undermines the efforts of LAWMA and hampers our progress towards maintaining a clean and healthy environment”.

LAWMA Vows to End Illegal Refuse Dumping, Dislodges Scavengers from Illegal Dumps

LAWMA Vows to End Illegal Refuse Dumping, Dislodges Scavengers from Illegal Dumps

During the enforcement operations, the LAWMA team dismantled shanties
and illegal structures, apprehending individuals caught engaging in
indiscriminate waste disposal, at various locations in Ipaja, Ikate-Surulere, and Ikeja, preparatory to prosecution of nothing less
than 30 persons caught.

The LAWMA boss stressed the need for residents to take responsibility
for their waste and participate actively in proper waste management practices, urging them to utilise services of PSP operators, to ensure scheduled collection of their waste, as well as taking advantage of various waste recycling initiatives introduced by the authority.

“To achieve a cleaner and healthier city, it is crucial for residents to play their part in waste management. LAWMA, through PSP operators, is working relentlessly to ensure efficient waste collection services, and
we urge residents to take advantage of these services. By properly sorting and disposing of waste, we can establish a better quality of life for everyone”, he stressed.

Odumboni stated further, that LAWMA had continued to embark on awareness
campaigns alongside the enforcement operations, to educate residents on
the importance of proper waste management, adding that the advocacy
drive included community engagements, door-to-door visits, and the distribution of educational materials, for enlightenment on waste segregation and responsible disposal.

He called on residents to support efforts of the Authority, by adhering to waste management guidelines, adding that, with concerted efforts of the agency and active participation of residents, the state would witness a significant improvement in waste management, resulting in a cleaner and healthier environment for all.