Michael Adeyemi's Realtormax: Unlocking Unique Opportunities for Real Estate Wealth in Nigeria

How Realtor Max Plans to Decongest Lagos with #Urban Max Estate, Others


Realtor Max Property Company in Lagos, under the visionary leadership of Dr. Michael Adeyemi, also known as billionaire mentor, has a vision to become a leading brand in multidimensional value adding and wealth creator real estate and foremost technology-driven, innovative real estate investment hub.

The firm’s mission is to create a wealthy community of real estate investors and help clients achieve their dreams of convenient living, home ownership and real estate wealth creation.

In line with core values of excellence, execution, and enterprise, Realtor Max aims to alleviate the perennial problem of urban congestion in Lagos State and its environs.

Addressing Urban Congestion

Urban congestion is a serious problem faced by the government, stakeholders, and residents of Lagos State. To combat this issue, Realtor Max is launching the #Urban Max estate product. This initiative aims to provide affordable housing options for individuals who may not have the means to rent in the already expensive areas of Lagos.

By creating new urban areas like #Urban Max, the company aims to decongest Lagos and offer alternative settlement options.

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The Urban Max Estate

Michael Adeyemi's urban rmax: Unlocking Unique Opportunities for Real Estate Wealth in Nigeria

The Urban Max estate is designed to cater to individuals with a limited budget, offering them an opportunity to own property. Dr. Michael Adeyemi explained that the company is targeting individuals who can afford to deposit ₦1,250 per day or about #6000 weekly until payment is completed with six months or one year. At the moment, a plot costs #400,000 outright payment as a presale offer until December 2023 ending. Considering the skyrocketing rental prices in Lagos, areas like Abule Egba and Mowe are already renting for ₦700,000 to ₦1,000,000 for a two or three-bedroom apartment. This creates a need to open up new urban areas where people with lower budgets can settle down.

Convenient Location and Accessibility

The Urban Max estate is conveniently located at Owode Egba, just before Obafe area in Ogun State, with easy access from major roads such as the Lagos-Ibadan Express Road and Abeokuta Express. The completion of these road projects has made movement easier, reducing commuting time. The estate is spread across 500 acres, and development will be carried out in phases. This multi-phase approach will ensure the gradual development of the estate, with plans to dominate the entire area.

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Building Sustainable Wealth

Realtor Max aims to go beyond just selling land to buyers. The company has plans to guide and support buyers throughout the process of building their homes. The goal is not only to provide land but also to assist buyers in constructing two-bedroom apartments on their acquired plots. By offering guidance on home construction, Realtor Max ensures that buyers have a clear path to becoming homeowners, bridging the gap between land ownership and actual home ownership.

Infrastructure and Amenities

To provide a comfortable living environment, Realtor Max is committed to providing essential infrastructure and amenities within the Urban Max estate. Currently, high-tension electricity is available, and plans are underway to establish security measures, recreational centers, perimeter fencing, estate gate, and other necessary facilities. While the company is not currently building homes within the estate, the strategy focuses on providing land and facilities, enabling individuals to become homeowners and contributing to the decongestion of Lagos City.

Michael Adeyemi's Realtormax: Unlocking Unique Opportunities for Real Estate Wealth in Nigeria

Michael Adeyemi's Realtormax: Unlocking Unique Opportunities for Real Estate Wealth in Nigeria

Realtor Max Property Company in Lagos, led by Dr. Michael Adeyemi, is addressing the issue of urban congestion in Lagos State through the Urban Max estate and other initiatives. By offering affordable housing options and guiding buyers through the process of home construction, Realtor Max aims to help individuals become homeowners and alleviate the burden of expensive rentals through instalmental payments. With a commitment to providing essential infrastructure and amenities, the company’s vision of creating a modern city at Urban Max is set to benefit both residents and the Lagos State community as a whole.