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uLesson, a learning app designed to help African students be the very best they can be, has reviewed its price downwards to accommodate more students who will be at home during this period of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The price review, which was made known by the CEO of the Company, Sim Shagaya was driven by the desire to help more students have access to the app’s rich curriculum-relevant content even while at home and to encourage families to adhere to government regulations to stay at home.

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According to Shagaya, the health crisis should not stop students from learning. He said: “it is unfortunate that the world is
experiencing such a crisis causing children to be out of school. While many of us can carry on our work remotely, our kids’ do not have access to school or home tutors.

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We recognize that parents and guardians may be anxious about having to pause the education of their kids. Because of this, we have reviewed the cost of our product downward and introduced a 5000 naira stream-only access to the full senior secondary school library for one term (ending August 31st). The N29,500 package which comes with the pack (dongle and SD card) has also been reduced to N24,500. We have also worked to ensure that you do not spend more than N100 on data monthly using uLesson. We are committed to helping to ease the disruption resulting from necessary school closures and believe our
service can be of tremendous value to learners”

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