Tinubu Reveals Those Who Attacked His Companies


Asiwaju Tinubu

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, former Lagos state governor has said his political opponents masterminded the attacks on his companies during the endsars protests in the state.

Recall that hoodlums had destroyed the Nation Newspaper building and TVC broadcast equipment, cars and other property also destroyed on Wednesday following the Lekki shootings on Tuesday October 20.

In a statement tagged the #endsars protests; a fundamental lesson in democratic governance, Tinubu said his political opponents were behind the arson and looting at the companies.

Confirming his ownership of the attacked assets, Tinubu said, “I am, indeed, a promoter and financial investor in the Nation newspaper and TVC.

“It was widely known and circulated through social media that certain malevolent elements were going to take advantage of the situation to attack the Nation newspaper facilities and TVC in Lagos.

“The attackers came. Both facilities were significantly damaged. Although equipped with prior notice of the imminent trespass, I did not call any one to seek or request for the army or police to deploy let alone attack, kill, or injure those who razed and vandalized these properties.

“I did not want any bloodshed. These elements, mostly hirelings of my political opponents, wreaked their havoc and destroyed those buildings and facilities and I thank God that the employees of these two media institutions managed to escape largely unharmed.

“There is a deeper truth involved here. Burned buildings and damaged equipment can be rebuilt or replaced. There is no adequate substitute for the loss of even a single human life. I am not one to encourage violence. I abhor it. Thus I did nothing that might endanger lives, even the lives of those who destroyed my properties.”

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Denying any involvement in the Lekki shootings, Asiwaju Tinubu said,  “I have been falsely accused of ordering the reported deployment of soldiers against peaceful protesters that took place at Lekki on 20 October 2020.

Asiwaju Tinubu

“This allegation is a complete and terrible lie. I did not order this or any assault against anybody. I would never want such a vile thing to happen nor did I have any prior knowledge about this sad event. It is my firm belief that no one should be harassed, injured or possibly killed for doing what they have the constitutional right to do in making their contribution to a better, more equitable society.

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“This time, it is different. The allegation now levied against me is that I called on soldiers to kill my own people. This allegation is the foulest of lies.

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“Some maligned my name because they hide ulterior motives and harbour unrequited political scores they intend to settle.”

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