Commendations, High Hopes As CAC Dera Nnadi's Tin Can Command Pilots TRS in Nigeria

Commendations, High Hopes As CAC Dera Nnadi’s Tin Can Command Pilots TRS in Nigeria


Encomiums and high expectations from stakeholders are trailing Customs Time Release Study (TRS) and Tin Can command’s henchman, Comptroller Dera Anselm Nnadi’s involvement for the Nigerian Customs Service.

Known for his revenue generation success and efficient management, CAC Nnadi has become a poster boy for excellence and a force for efficiency within the Nigerian Customs Service.

The World Customs Organization (WCO) Time Release Study is a strategic and internationally recognised tool used to measure the time required for the release and clearance of goods.

By identifying bottlenecks in the trade flow process, the study aims to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of border procedures.

The Nigeria Customs Service launched the TRS on February 9th at the Marriott hotel, Ikeja, with the presence of three ministers, heads of agencies, and the Customs Comptroller General.

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As the pilot point for the study, the Tin Can Island Port Command, led by CAC Nnadi, has continued to garner accolades and high expectations from various stakeholders.

Recognizing Nnadi’s ability to deliver success, stakeholders understand that any project under his leadership will benefit both the customs and Nigerian economy as a whole.

Meanwhile, the Tin Can Island Port Command chapter of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents has (ANLCA) congratulated Nnadi on the choice of his command as the pilot point for the Time Release Study.

In a statement by the public relations officer of the chapter, Comrade Onome Monije, the chapter expressed joy and confidence in Nnadi’s revenue expertise and efficient management. It believes in the capability of his management team to execute the study in line with global best practices and the standards set by the WCO.

Commendations, High Hopes As CAC Dera Nnadi's Tin Can Command Pilots TRS in Nigeria

With the customs moving towards modern paperless services, where goods are cleared within 48 hours from the point of declaration to delivery, licensed customs agents are urging all stakeholders to make accurate declarations. The group expressed trust in CAC Nnadi’s track record and remains very hopeful for positive results in the study.

The project holds huge potentials for improved Customs operations, cargo management and economic growth in Nigeria.

Stakeholders are of the view that Dera Nnadi’s continued role as a symbol of excellence coupled with commitment to efficiency and diligence make him a valuable asset to the Nigerian Customs Service and the nation.