Seyi Tinubu's London Mansion: Another Failed Plot To Tarnish Tinubu's Image

Seyi Tinubu’s London Mansion: Another Failed Plot To Tarnish Tinubu’s Image


Not a few Nigerians were shocked by a recent false publication last week over a purported acquisition of an $11m property in London by Seyi Tinubu, Son of President Elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The wild publication alleged that Seyi
Tinubu, Tinubu’s eldest Son bought the house in 2017 for $10.8m through his firm.

The house was said to be a Three – floor residence in St. Johns wood in North London.

Seyi Tinubu who is the CEO of an out-of-home advertising company, is a serial entrepreneur and a successful business man of repute have numerous legitimate business establishments and so much to manage that he can’t have time for any illegal dealings.

It was uncovered that the fabricated publication purely based on speculation and rumours relies on false information by powerful politicians in Nigeria in a desperate bid to deliberately tarnish the image of the president elect of the most populous Black Nation in the world.

It was another failed plot to hit the man of the moment through his son. But, like other botched attempts, this also failed.

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This anti democratic elements have been fanning the embers of hatred towards Tinubu, before and after his success at the 2023 Presidential Polls where he stood tall among his contemporaries to emerged the preferred Candidate and winner through the general elections.

Seyi Tinubu's London Mansion: Another Failed Plot To Tarnish Tinubu's Image

Their current target is to truncate the handing over on May 29. The plot has been been rife to truncate the ceremony as the President of Nigeria, hence, reports to tarnish his image at the home front and globally has been what his political enemies have resorted to doing repeatedly.

Tinubu, a former former Lagos state governor had won in a landslide competitive election that could be regarded as the most free and fair election in recent times in Nigeria.

Tinubu’s soaring popularity and acceptance has caused stirs in the opposition camp as he was not expected to win.

Seyi, who had campaigned with his father all round Nigeria during the electioneering process was the envy of many as he shows that the FIRST family were united and espouses a deep sense of leadership.

It is believed that this was reason for the fresh allegation that has been over politicized to soil the image of Tinubu and his global acceptability.