Primate Ayodele Commences 17 Days of Annual Charity Programs

Primate Ayodele Commences 17 Days of Annual Charity

The spiritual leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has kicked-off his annual 17-day series of charity, appreciation and philanthropy interventions in Lagos.

The programmes will run from Sunday, 29th January till Tuesday, 14th Of February, 2023, his birthday.

Many of his church members had a first-hand experience of the prophet’s philanthropic impact on Sunday, which marked the beginning.

Youths in the church choir were empowered, surgery fee was paid for 25 people, accommodation fee was paid for 20 people and every member of the congregation were given food items.

On Monday, the second day, Primate Ayodele visited old and sick people in Lagos communities doling out money, food items, clothing materials, and many more. He also offered prayed with them.

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The old people couldn’t hold their joy as they passionately hugged the prophet and showered prayers on him for his rare philanthropic act. The very jovial prophet was also seen cracking jokes and playing with some of them just to lighten up their moods.

Primate Ayodele Commences 17 Days of Annual Charity Programs

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Till February 14, Primate Ayodele will be visiting several places, institutions, organizations to show gratitude and impact people with cash gifts, prayers, words of encouragement, food items, to mention but a few.

This is not the first time Primate Ayodele will be engaging in such philanthropic acts; every 14th of February is a day dedicated for his annual thanksgiving and it has been his culture to engage in massive philanthropic acts on days preceding the D-day.

Every February 14 for Primate Ayodele is always the mother of all empowerment. In recent years, the man of God has given out cars, tricycles, thousands of GCE/JAMB forms, scholarships, accommodation fees, school fees, sewing machines, beds, food items, among a host of many others.