Organic Agriculture Processes Currently Lacks Awareness – Don

Organic Agriculture Processes Currently Lacks Awareness – Don

Dr Jude Obi, Lecturer, Department of Soil Science and Land Resources Management, University of Uyo says the main problem of organic agriculture processes and practices is largely awareness.

Obi said this during his online presentation on `Organic Agriculture to the Rescue’ organised by Journalists Go Organic Initiative.

He noted that although conventional production system and other practices have compromised the overall environmental parameters, organic agriculture practices and production system have come to the rescue.

“The conventional system was presented as the only alternative to sustainable food production and security but did not foresee the debilitating effect it will have on both the environment and health of humanity.

“The conventional practice was packaged, popularised and widely adopted either for the available knowledge as at then or for selfish capitalist end as obtained now e.g. GM foods.

“While the previously practised traditional system was presented as deficient in the prerequisites to feed the geometrically growing human population.

“The developed countries made tremendous progress with intensive use of systems that led to deteriorated global climatic conditions with which Africa currently does not have the capacity to withstand, therefore, we must go back healthy farming.”

Obi who is also the Coordinator for the Knowledge Centre for Organic Agriculture (KCOA) in Africa reiterated, however, that organic agriculture is about the dire need to feed the world’s growing population with healthy food.

Organic Agriculture Processes Currently Lacks Awareness – Don

“Humans have been confronted with strange ailments that are clearly pointing at the conventional agricultural practices, hence, the need and every reason to practice agriculture with safety and health as priorities.

`Organic agriculture is the affordable way to provide quality agricultural goods and services in harmony with nature.

“Therefore, efforts should be made by all stakeholders to popularise the practice’’.