O suwa Rally: How Kwara PDP members allegedy injure civil servants going to work, flog motorists

O suwa Rally: How Kwara PDP members allegedly injure civil servants going to work, flog motorists

Scores of civil servants in Kwara State were allegedly injured by frustrated members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on their way to work early Tuesday in Ilorin.

The aggressors, according to our reporter who was on ground, pounced on people they sighted going to work, including motorists for not joining their ‘O suwa Rally’ targeted at blackmailing the present government.

Civil servants are now nursing varying degrees of injuries, as the rally turned bloody after hired thugs started beating everybody in sight that failed to join the protest.

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It was gathered that the organisers of the rally felt frustrated because of the low turnout at the rally.

Recall that last week Friday when Bukola Saraki who is the leader of the PDP was going to the Ilorin Central Mosque, his military officers were flogging market women and other road users.

O suwa Rally: How Kwara PDP members allegedy injure civil servants going to work, flog motorists

A group had earlier cautioned the PDP on carrying out the O suwa rally which was described as an avenue to pass campaign of calumny against the civil servants.

The PDP members said they vehemently oppose the new government for prompt payment of civil servants salaries and are very angry that the minimum wage was implemented.

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They also expressed frustration with the waterworks that have been fixed and the payment of pensioners and retirees, saying they are not happy with such developments.

A civil servant who spoke to our reporter said he was beaten black and blue after refusing to join the protest and confirming that he is a government worker going to work.

“I only escaped by the grace of God because they hired thugs and hoodlums who just started beating people that did not join their rally. I can never vote for PDP or join their protest. Do I want to go back to slavery.

These are the people who paid us gerigedi salaries now saying o su wa to a government that implemented the minimum wage and has been timely with salary payment,” she said.