Naira Scarcity: About 5000 Less Privileged Get Primate Ayodele's Fresh Donations

Naira Scarcity: About 5000 Less Privileged Get Primate Ayodele’s Fresh Donations

In order to cushion the effects of Naira scarcity that has hit the country, Primate Elijah Ayodele in his magnanimity has given out food items, clothes, cash gifts to the aged, widows, downtrodden and the less privileged in Lagos community.

The donation which took place in the early hours of today Thursday, 9th Of February 2023 had about 5,000 beneficiaries who couldn’t contain their joy as the man of God shared the items with them.

Primate Ayodele, during this meeting sang and danced with them. He also prayed with them and urged them to always have faith in God for their needs. He encouraged them not to pay attention to the many things they don’t have but to take all of their burdens to God in prayers and thanksgiving.

‘’God has been good to you, he has kept you alive despite all you have gone through, he didn’t put you to shame and I think he deserves to be appreciated for all he has done for you. I’m aware that there are so much going on in this country presently but don’t let it stop your sacrifice of praise to God.’’

‘’ I know you wish to have many things, you may even want to envy those that have what you lack but that’s not the right thing to do. Trust God in all your dealings, He is the husband of the widow, he will surely provide for all your needs. Instead of complaining, take all your burdens to him in prayers and thanksgiving

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Scarcity: Primate Ayodele Donates Food Items, Clothes To Aged, Widows, Others

In their reaction, the beneficiaries appreciated Primate Ayodele for his continuous kind gestures towards them. They prayed for him and asked God to always bless him just like he has blessed them.

This is in continuation of his 17 days of appreciation and philanthropic impact which started on Sunday, 29th Of January and will end on Tuesday, 14th Of February, 2023.

Since the beginning of the 17 Days of Appreciation and Philanthropic Impact, Primate Ayodele  has been to the homes of the aged, sick and downtrodden. He has also visited several schools in Lagos and Ogun state.

The man of God will continue this programme till Tuesday, 14th Of February, 2023 when the grand finale will be celebrated with different categories of empowerment to the widows, students, youths, church members, journalists, and many more.