Hon. Kasumu: As a Lawmaker, I have Done Much; I’m a Silent Achiever

Adedamola Richard Kasumu is the honourable member representing Ikeja constituency II at the Lagos state House of Assembly. The youthful and youth loving Kasumu is popularly known as Honourable ARK, an acronym used also for his foundation, the Adedamola Richard Kasumu Global Foundation through which he impacts life especially among youths in Lagos State.

Hon Adedamola Kasumu has been the only first term lawmaker in the 8th assembly to have sponsored two executive bills that were passed into law.

Speaking with journalists in Ikeja, the vibrant lawmaker revealed that by nature he’s a silent achiever, though he doesn’t like to blow his trumpet, unfortunately this has made many people unappreciative of his contributions and empowerment initiatives.

The Ikeja born politician added that through his foundation, he has helped different people and impacted lives of constituents especially as it relates to health, education and empowerment assistance.

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He also made it known that Lagos residents should understand that the primary function of a legislator is to make laws, however, he has made it a habit to go beyond that boundary to ensure that he strengthens his tentacles by making sure that youths are carried along since he assumed the role as their representative.

Kasumu aka Hon ARK has facilitated the admission of 27 students into Lagos state university and 65 youths into lagos state civil service between 2015 and 2018. Young Kasumu has also sponsored about 100 students for JAMB and sponsored 2 members of his constituency to USA and Scotland for leadership programs and spent over #25m during Covid-19 for constituents.

In his word, going forward because I’m a silent achiever, many people don’t really know what I’ve done, however, I’ll be making my achievements known now, he stated.