Gov Adeleke Reacts to Supreme Court’s Rulling on His Victory

Gov Adeleke Reacts to Supreme Court’s Rulling on His Victory

By our reporter 

Osun Governor Ademola Adeleke has assured he will be driven by the fear of God in governing the State. 

Adeleke, while reacting to the Supreme court verdict affirming his election in his residence in Ede, applauded the judiciary for upholding the judgement of the Appeal Court. 

According to him: “This is an historic landmark in the history of Osun politics. Today is the day, our God ordained to stand his authority as the owner and giver of power. 

“Today is that moment when the will of the people ordained by God survived anti-masses plot of powerful forces. We therefore celebrate God Almighty. 

“We dedicate today’s victory to Him. State power is of God and he bestowed it in whoever he wishes. I will remain God’s driven, divinely inspired, I will govern with the fear of God. Our governorship is an affirmation that we are for the people, by the people.”

He added the pronouncement of the Supreme Court has strengthened democracy affirming truth and the people’s will. 

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Gov Adeleke Reacts to Supreme Court’s Rulling on His Victory

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Adeleke assured: “To all stakeholders in Osun project, be assured that the revalidation of our mandate is a challenge, a call to duty, a fresh demand for more dividend of democracy.

I commit myself to more expanded delivery of good governance, in me you will find a true pro people Governor.

“I seek support of all Osun residents and citizens in respective of party affiliations. This is our State and we must join hands to develop it. 

“My people of Osun State, the good job continues, we wrap up the implementation of our five points agenda. We shall focus on grassroot development. We shall embark on agricultural revival of our dear state. 

“Our policies shall fight poverty, insecurity, unemployment and underdevelopment. You shall truthful feel and enjoy the dividend of democracy.”