Revealed! Identity of the Woman Behind Google Map Voice

Revealed! Identity of the Woman Behind Google Map Voice

By our reporter

The pleasant female voice that gives directions on Google map app used all over the world on mobile devices and gadgets is unmistakable.

But the identity remains largely unknown.

Meet the pretty Karen Jacobsen, an Australia-born and New York-based entertainer, singer, motivational speaker, voice-over artist and songwriter.

Karen graduated from the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University majoring in voice and piano, winning the Jazz Prize and completing her A.Mus.A. on piano.

She tells her story.

My name is Karen Elisabeth Jacobsen. I am originally from Mackay, a town in Australia. I wanted to become a professional singer and I moved to America. I did follow that dream all the way to New York.

Not long after I moved there, there was an audition for a client that wanted a native Australian, female, voice over artiste living in the North East of the United States and I went to the audition and got the job.

At the time I was told that the Australian voice was a high priority because the Australian accent was considered the most pleasant English speaking accent to listen to.

Revealed! Identity of the Woman Behind Google Map Voice

There was a huge script, a massive script and the team of engineers had figured out every combination of syllables possible for me to record so they could chop that up and create a voice system based on my speaking voice. I entered the boot and recorded the different lines.

When I am asked to use the voice I do.

Wow. My voice is going to live forever. The power is going to go to my head .That’s mind blowing.

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