Is Funke Akindele A Woman Of Questionable Character

Is Funke Akindele A Woman Of Questionable Character? 

When the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, chose Nollywood Actress, Funke Akindele, as the running mate to its gubernatorial candidate, Olajide Adediran, popularly known as Jandor, in Lagos many had thought that members of the Make Believe industry would rally round her to give massive support.

This is expected to shore up support for Jandor’s candidature but the reverse has been the case.

Not even one of her Nollywood super star colleagues has come out to boldly show solidarity and stand with the prolific actress.

This raises posers from different angles. Her integrity, character, attitude and most importantly relationship with people. For a woman who guns to be the next Deputy Governor in Lagos, she’s expected to be a Mother figure who can relate well with people.

Even the worst dictators around the world have people who rally support for them, but for Funke Akindele, it speaks volume.

Most of her colleagues, ex-workers and even family member who are supposed to know her well have had sad tales to tell.

Benito Bello, Akindele’s her stepson months ago came out with shocking revelations on the actress’ home describing it as horror before the crisis later confirmed led to an eventual collapse.

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The actresses colleagues have similar stories to tell. They complained about her egoism and pride which have gotten her with two failed marriages already.

So also is her seclusion from the Yoruba wing of Nollywood, mainly attributed to her character also.

Is Funke Akindele A Woman Of Questionable Character

Interestingly, her close pal in the industry, Eniola Badmus, ‘Gbogbo Big Girls’ pitched her tent with the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, despite knowing Funke was contesting.

All this pointers show that voting Funke Akindeleas the number two in the helms of affairs of the State is putting a wrong peg in a wrong hole.

Many had wondered that the ex-husband of Funke had not in anyway showed support for her political ambition despite their differences, which brings to fore her questionable character many have said.

Ejiro Muonagor, a social commentator said that it baffles him why no actor both from the Yoruba and English genres have come out openly to endorse Funke Akindele and her Principal, stressing that Funke Akindele definitely has character issues and if not addressed in earnest, may lead to her downfall, especially now that she has delved into politics.

More, beyond character is the integrity cloud hovering over Funke Akindele’s political aspirations.

A screenwriter, Cassandra Owolabi disclosed how her former boss, Funke Akindele-Bello, does not treat her staff fairly as many worked under fear and abuse.


“A little update: About a month ago, I posted a lengthy video of my experience working with Funke Akindele. But the video was quickly brought down as a bid to shut me up. Naturally as a content creator, my instinct was to make another one right away but I couldn’t bring myself to it due to the fact that I touched on a really sensitive topic (depression) and some experiences I passed through while working for her which was like opening old wounds and I needed time to heal from that.

“I am indeed happy and relieved that I finally got to make another video in which I touched on a few things because truthfully, even if I was given a day I would still not be able to cover all the ills not just me but her staff face daily.

“The experience has indeed taught me that not all that glitters is gold, literally! Looking back I just wondered how I endured so much when we were deprived of so many things. For instance, we couldn’t watch TV (literally, the TV in our lodge was taken away weeks after we resumed) and she mustn’t walk in on you watching anything on your laptop (can’t tell you how many times she randomly sent people to come check if we were sleeping or doing anything asides writing).

“I mean, how do you expect your writers to be 100% productive when you don’t allow them some leisure? It didn’t take me long to develop bloodshot eyes because there were daysssssssssss when we’d write all through the night, no sleep. We worked under DURESS AND FEAR. It is always about the script, the script is more important than you and your health”.

She is however just one out of numerous persons that has complained bitterly about the actress and electorates are wondering if such personality would be suitable for leadership.