(VIDEO) You Wouldn’t Believe What Looters Did at NYSC Camp Abuja


NYSC camp Abuja looted by hoodlums

The National Youth Service Corps NYSC camp Abuja, was invaded today by looters who carted away mattresses and other valuables while a man was also shot.

TheConscience reports that this follows a nationwide wave of invasion and lootings where hoodlums and thugs invade public and private property seeking to loot cash, food items, electronic gadgets and other valuables.

Armed hoodlums on Tuesday morning broke into the Orientation Camp of the National Youth Corps in Kubwa, Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory.

Brandishing knives and other dangerous objects, the thugs blocked the road and ordered motorists to turn back.

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They were later seen coming out of the premises with mattresses, plastic chairs and other valuables from the NYSC camp Abuja.

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Some neighboring residents of the area were said to have joined the looting at the NYSC camp Abuja.

A PREMIUM TIMES reporter also on the scene witnessed military officials clearing the streets outside the NYSC camp, in Kubwa, while a Nigerian Air Force helicopter circled above. He also saw a wounded man being evacuated from the area.

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The soldiers have been going after hoodlums who had been looting the camp.

NYSC camp Abuja looted by hoodlums

The reporter heard a gunshot and then a couple of minutes later, saw a group of visibly shaken young men who had presumably been looting the camp, evacuating their wounded colleague.

Man shot as hoodlums loot NYSC camp in Abuja

This reporter saw that the youth was alive but dazed and covered in blood from the waist down.


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